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Fun Food

Who doesn’t love a good treat?

No one. That’s who.

If you’ve been following our blog you already know that we work hard to make holidays special and that can take twice as much work as normal, if not more, for a kid who is living away from home during a festive season.

One thing we do to make holidays special is holiday themed food - here is a look at some of the things we do:

Valentine’s Day: Strawberry yogurt bark

One of our older girls really likes strawberries. All the girls like a frozen snack. We simply line a pan with wax paper, spread out some vanilla yogurt, drop in strawberries (whole or sliced) and freeze! Bring it out, break it up and enjoy!

St. Patrick’s Day: Pancakes, dyed green, with marshmallows

Using food coloring we dye our pancake batter green. Then we use marshmallows, like those that come in Lucky Charms. Sometimes we add them to the batter, sometimes we sprinkle them on top with some whipped cream!

Easter: Cinnamon roll bunnies and our new favorite, Peep-ka-bobs

Halloween: Banana ghosts, Jack-o-lantern oranges, candy corn cups (pineapple, mandarin orange and whip cream), monster donuts

For some reason Halloween seems to lend itself to festive treats. Our favorites are pictured here:

Thanksgiving: fudge turkeys

Many moons ago I used to own an in-home bakery. One of the things we made there was fudge. Lots of flavors, lots of shapes. We do a lot of special occasion fudge around here (usually peanut butter) and for Thanksgiving we use a turkey shaped cookie cutter and then decorate them with mini M&M’s to make them look even more turkey-like!

Christmas: Christmas cake waffles w/M&M’s

Other fun foods we like to make:

Dyeing foods - anything that can be dyed. Potatoes, waffles, pancakes, cake etc.

Breakfast bracelets and breakfast cookies - String cereal and other items on a piece of string or even rope licorice. Breakfast cookies can be warmed up and served, crumbled with milk. Our girls love them and telling them they can have cookies for breakfast makes everyone happy - find the recipe here:


One of our girls who has been with us for almost four years, LOVES biscuits and gravy. For a time it was quite a thing. She was always asking for it and everyone else was whining and it was pretty exciting. Around this same time, we were having some issues with folks minding other people’s business. So the house “proverb” for awhile, which was new to us but I am sure you’ve heard was: Mind your own biscuits and life will be gravy! We made a sign of this, which hangs in our dining room and now, whenever someone is struggling with wanting to know something which isn’t their business you hear someone say: “Biscuits!”

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