• Bethany Collins

What happens when . . . You're Off??

Many moons ago our blog started answering some "What happens when . . .. " questions that we as houseparents are often asked. Here is the final one:

"What happens when you’re off?"

This is always closely followed by: "Where do you live/stay when you are off?"

Perhaps the easiest way to explain this is with a list of facts:

* Houseparents (HP’s) at Joy Ranch get 10 days off a month. Generally this works with a “5 on and 2 off” schedule.

* To keep the kids on as consistent a schedule as possible Main Houseparents take off the same days of the week, each week, as often as possible.

* Our Relief house-parents fill in at both cottages, whenever and wherever Main HP’s are off, and thus work a full time schedule, just like main HP’s.

* There are times when PRN (Latin term which means “as needed”) staff helps in a cottage. This may be support and administrative staff - as all staff are trained to work with the children - or it may be staff hired to cover days that fall within the inconsistencies of the schedule (as well as coverage for vacation, etc.).

* Main and Relief HP’s each have their own space to stay in each cottage.

* All houseparents have an apartment, on campus, to stay when we are off.

We work hard to maintain consistency within the schedule as we know that one of the most important things for kids is a safe, established routine.

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